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Follow One 0026

PRICE $450

I WILL be honest on this guy, he got a rear leg injury early fall 2020, he recovered and STILL bred 20 late lambing ewe lambs(May 2021). His one rear leg is larger than the other but he is SOUND and been checked out fully by a vet when we semen tested him about a month ago.

Twin 2-12-2019
Born/raised twin, mother is one of my top ewes. Sister is retained in the herd.
Sire: Big Prairie Polypays 536
Dam: U of WI 16-329

Follow One 0062

PRICE $450

Out of my GOOD momma ewe I purchased from U of WI, I have kept quite a few daughters out of her in my flock.

Twin 1-26-21 current weight 157 pounds.
Sire: Dakota Krome 7030
Dam: U of WI 16-392

Follow One 0066

PRICE $450

His twin sister stayed in my flock!

Twin 2-15-21 current weight 156
Sire: Dakota Krome 7030
Dam: U of WI 16-329

Follow One 0069

PRICE $450

This guys dam side stems from a U of WI ewe that I wish I had more daughters from. His twin sister was the 1st on my keep list.

Twin 2-17-2021 current weight 170
Sire: Dakota Krome 7030
Dam: Follow One 0015

Follow One 0071

PRICE $450

This guy is a looker! He had impressed me from the beginning.

Twin 2-17-2021 current weight 157
Sire: L&K Sheep Co 1903
Dam: Follow One 0029

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